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Thursday, June 2, 2005

I am lifting my ban on fazoli's

Many years ago I stopped eating at fazoli's for two reasons.

First, their entrees had been going down hill for a while. They did away with the manicotti, which was my favorite part of the "sampler trio". Then they started using a pre-made, frozen lasanga which was quite disgusting. The pizzarino was to be the savior of their menu, but it went away pretty quick.

Second, they were REALLY skimpy with the "free" breadsticks. This annoyed me to no end, because, after my favorite entrees went away/became crappy, I mostly just went there for the bread, and bought spaghetti so I had some sauce to dip the bread in.. not only would they not give me any more than 1 up front, ("you don't need them now, the breadstick person will be around shortly") but they would only give me 2 at a time when the breadstick person came around. ..and the guy wouldn't come around that often either.. once a half hour or something ridiculous.
This may not seem bad to many of you reading this, but I have eaten as many as 27 breadsticks in one sitting. (with a half order of lasanga) It got to the point where I could sit there for a hour, and only get 5 breadsticks. boo.

Once again, mass media marketing sucked me in. The [return of the] pizzarino and spaghetti combo had an awfully attractive price. ($4.something)
the entree was pretty mediocre. The pizzarino was barely cooked, and less than luke-warm in the middle, and they forgot to put sauce on my spaghetti.. BUT, the breadsticks flowed like the blood of the disbelievers in ancient babylon.. er.. something.

The size has gone down. They are probably only 60% of the size they were, but I can live with that.

Since finding this out, I have also tried their 9" personal pizzas and found them to be satisfactory, although not as good as their old pizza by the slice, which is now apparently gone. meh.

so, way to go fazoli's, your entrees still suck, but at least you are getting the breadstick thing correct now.



Anonymous Spank-A-Shea Films said...

the fact that their summer special is all you can eat spaghetti for 3.99 has suckered me in, and kept me coming back for more.

June 2, 2005 at 9:48 AM  
Anonymous Insensitive Monster said...

The one thing I miss about Indianapolis is Fazoli's. The $1.50 slices of pizza (or was it cheaper?) and the AYCE breadsticks saved my life many times.

mm. Fazolis.

June 11, 2005 at 9:49 PM  
Anonymous RCsNutZ said...

if you ate at the campus Fazoli's, you may want to try the one out on 26 because the one by the campus is the worst Fazoli's in the entire world! The one on 26 is at least OK... most of the time

September 30, 2005 at 3:24 PM  

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