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Friday, January 15, 2010

ride log - first group ride of 2010

It seems that we're in a bit of a warm spell. A few people from the cycling club have started doing group rides again. Yesterday I decided to get in on one as the weather was in the 30's. I was concerned that I would get dropped a lot since I haven't really ridden outside since early in December, and the bulk of my training has been stationary bike and weights. In preparation, I carbo-loaded at lunch with chicken parm and breadsticks. I wasn't real sure what to wear, and ended up with bibs, compression shirt, jersey, tights, regular socks, wool sock, shoe covers and gloves. I had intended to take a jacket, but forgot it at home. I was a little cold at first, but once we got going I was fine, except for my thumbs which got REALLY cold, I assume from having circulation cut off in the regular "on the hoods" position. I adjusted, and they eventually evened out. Later in the ride, my big toes got cold, but my feet are always problematic.

As far as my condition, I seemed to do better than expected. It was an easy ride, but I managed to keep up with the pack everywhere but Kerber, and even then, I stayed with them till the last 10-20 yards. My stationary bike work payed off, but not how I expected. I couldn't spin as fast as I do in the gym, since the resistance is a lot more variable, but I seem to be recovering on HR a lot faster than I used to. Also, I wasn't "feeling it" at my upper HR limit as much as I used to. When we finished, I wasn't really winded and felt like I still had a lot in me. I'm not sure if it's a matter of eating for the ride or being in better shape.

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Blogger Christian said...

the weather today was perfect for a ride dude. it would be metil. i've been vegetarian for a while now and it has done a ton for my health. get on the bandwagon man! right now it's just me, but i'm putting a crew together.

February 12, 2010 at 7:11 PM  

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