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Monday, June 20, 2005

Taco Bell "Crunch Wrap Supreme"

The Crunch Wrap Supreme is an interesting... thing? Sorry, I really don't know how to refer to it. It consists of a flour tortilla filled with ground beef, nacho cheese, a tostada shell (a flattened taco shell?), lettuce, sour cream, and tomatoes. No, it's not like a burrito - it is folded up into a hexagonal disc.

Is it good? Well.. I didn't think it was bad. Definitely not a new taste. Taco bell was really playing the "Texture" card with this one, which, aside from the chalupa/gordita, was a bit of a departure for the company. The thinness and toastada shell yielded a crisp entree, even after driving home with it - something I had assumed would soggy this beast up.

In reality though, I think Taco Bell is really banking on the success of their quesedilla and associated "portability" based ad campain, because the Crunch Wrap Supreme is really just a double decker taco supreme sans beans and repackaged for easier on-the-go eating.... thats not necessarily a bad thing.

Crunch Wrap Supreme - 7/10 stars



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